ArticleEpic scoping and Ticket creation service


The biggest challenge that product companies face today is the sheer number of features they are working on. Many a product team complain that they have turned into a feature factory, and nothing more. The product manager receives multiple new feature requests on a daily basis from – executives who come down to meet during a coffee break, the marketing department that believes a new feature set will aid promotion, and the sales team that has promised a client new features to close a deal. That is not all – customer support teams come back with new feature requests based on customer feedback and the product team itself has its own vision for what the product must look like – the OG product map.

Every product manager knows that the key to the success of their product is feature prioritization. Once the features are pipelined, managing development becomes simpler – but that is easier said than done. All features come with a deadline attached, so the product manager has to rush to create the epic and the associated tickets.

The work doesn’t end with just the creation of the epic and the associated tickets. The product manager also has to spend his time communicating what these features will look like to the development team, the QA team, the documentation team, the marketing team, and the sales team – at the least. Of course, if it is a key feature, they also have to secure buy-in from the management.

Wait, there is more: the product manager also needs to allocate time to finalize the UI for the new feature. They have to decide what each field will be called, how every page will be labeled, what the various error messages and confirmation messages would say – and when they would be triggered.

No doubt, the product manager feels overwhelmed. Most of their time is spent detailing a feature. Creating epic and tickets feels like a time sink, taking time away from the most important aspect of a product manager’s work – feature prioritization.

Bhaarati understands that a product manager would be most effective if they could spend time on deciding if:

  • a feature passes conceptual integrity,
  • enough users would benefit from it to justify the effort developing it,
  • it fits with the overarching product and corporate strategy.

To ensure success, they also need to communicate frequently with the multiple stakeholders involved with the product.

With Bhaarati’s epic and ticket creation service, the product manager would be able to allocate the most of their time to activities that matter the most. Bhaarati would engage with the product manager right at the onset – even before the feature is properly visualized – to understand what it would entail. Our team would then create the wireframes and UI mockups to help the product manager with the visualization.

Once the basic vision is created, Bhaarati would create the epic for the feature – and break it down into multiple stories and tickets for development. We are a team of technical writers with extensive experience across UI design, page descriptions, embedded help, and much more. You can rely on us to ensure that the Jira epics and tickets provide development, QA, and documentation teams with everything they need to know to achieve their goals.

Our experience with various product teams has enabled us to contribute much more than just the creation of epics and tickets. Our team also provides inputs that help improve the product usability and feature definition, improving the overall competitiveness of the application and the company’s business.

For more information on our epic scoping and ticket creation service, please reach out to us.


June, 2021