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With the success of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, and the likes, UI content has gained importance like never before. Almost everyone wants to know how they cracked the code of creating communication between their users and digital products. First of all, it is called UX writing! And although it is a specialist job title in its own right, most people are still unfamiliar with UX writers, their roles, and skills. 

Gradually, this interest has shifted and evolved, where UX writing is considered an integral part of the design process. UI text is now critical to the success of a product and is addressed in the earlier stages of the product development process.

As one of the most important kinds of technical documentation, UX writing falls under the purview of professional UX writers—who collaborate with software developers and designers to curate quality products.

But before we move forward, let’s understand the basics of the concept.


What is UX writing?


UX writing (User Experience writing) is creating short texts that we see on the interface of digital products (mobile apps, websites, desktop software, games, services, etc.). It guides users on how to interact with a product. As digital products become more complex, the need for guidance increases. It is UX writing that makes digital products more intuitive and interactive. It provides customers with a positive experience. 

UX writing is closely connected with the design of the application. That’s why the UX writers collaborate with other teams (developers, designers, marketers, etc.) involved in building a product. Their job is to make the product intuitive and efficient and create a conversation between users and the product itself. There should be a dialogue between them. When there is no dialogue, users don’t enjoy a product. Therefore, user texts are important for the success of any product. 


Skills required to become a UX writer


The UX writer is responsible for all the text the user encounters when navigating their way around a product. Be it a website, a mobile app, or a piece of software, a copy is crucial in guiding the user and helping them complete their desired actions. So when you enter a wrong PIN, and the error message pops up, that is written by a UX writer. Or, a message that greets you when you complete your order in a delivery app is the work of a UX writer. 

So a UX writer writes everything from the smallest CTA(call to action) button to the most glaring error message that has an impact on user experience. It is the UX writer’s job to craft copy that is not only compelling and concise, but also user-friendly, appropriate within the given context, and on-brand.  

Relatively speaking, UX writer is a fairly new job title, and it is safe to say that there is no one set path to becoming a UX writer. By and large, a role in UX writing requires excellent copywriting skills combined with a solid understanding of user experience design. 

Let’s figure out which skills exactly can help one develop in this field.


Technical Writing Skills


Though UX writing doesn’t imply creating endless user manuals, there is some sense in knowing how to explain technical things to users. An experience in technical writing offers that window to a writer. A new UX writer takes her existing technical writing skills and builds on them. She writes to create a clear and meaningful conversation between the user and the product, not about the product or how the product works.  

In most small organizations, the technical writers transition to become their UX writers. 


User Research and User-Centric Thinking


User research and user-centric thinking are the basics of UX writing. UX writers must know how to keep track of user actions, intentions, and the soft spots of a product’s interface. Every small button in the UI matters and helps users get the most of a product. UX writers should see what can potentially become a source of frustration for users. But at the same time, UX writers should realize that not everything needs additional explanations – some visual elements are straightforward.


Web Design Skills


A UX writer should be an expert in web design. It doesn’t mean that they will have to work on prototypes and designs all the time, but it is an essential skill for their occupation. It helps them grasp what stands behind the form and color of buttons and why it is important.


Basic Usability Testing Skills


Usability testing allows the product team to figure out problems and soft spots, learn more about users, and discover new opportunities. It is not only the design that is tested but also UX micro-copies. It is one of the most widely used methods nowadays to identify what is going to work for the best.


Analytical Skills


Everything that is connected with UX involves a good deal of research and planning. A UX writer should know the main research methods, when and how to use them, and how to interpret the received data. So, logical and analytical skills are fundamental for a UX writer.


Communication Skills


UX writers need to communicate a lot. It is vital to work well with different teams. Collaborative sessions take place nearly every day. It is important to express ideas and listen to other team members effectively. Having experience in the following spheres – marketing, project management, web design, and even web development, becomes a boon for UX writers. It contributes to successful collaboration within a team.


Next time you are interacting with a website or a mobile UI, and you seamlessly perform the desired action, don’t forget to appreciate the skill of a UX writer. On the contrary, if you stumble upon an unclear, lengthy, inconvenient, unhelpful, unusable, and inaccessible UI content, again, don’t forget to appreciate the value and importance of a good UX writer. 

But it is not as easy to become a UX writer as it may seem. It is not only writing short pieces of content, but it is also being able to see the bigger picturehow these micro-copies will affect users and their product adoption. In UX writing, every word means a lot. The good news is – anyone ready to take that plunge can become an expert in writing UI text.

Go ahead and start your UX writing journey right away! To learn how you can leverage our technical writing skills, click here.


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March, 2022