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Process Design & Documentation

Your organization is your vehicle of choice for success, and must work like a well-oiled machine for you to get to where you want to go.

Our process design & documentation services ensure precisely that.

Process & Process Opportunity Identification

Do your teams follow a process? Do they even know whether a process exists? If so, does your team have agreement on what that process is? One of the first steps towards process excellence is process identification. Especially in organizations that operate across the globe, teams gradually start working in loosely interconnected silos, and collaboration across processes becomes increasingly difficult and time-consuming. Needless to say, this impacts speed of business and eventually, profitability.

We work with management across your organization to identify processes that you have in place, help engineer agreement on--and improve--these processes, and help the team identify new processes that must be put in place. We follow this up with recommendations on further actions to roll out and operationalize these processes.

Process Design & Standards Creation

After teams identify processes, we work with them to design aesthetically pleasing custom process models that indicate how your processes (teams, tasks, roles, data) interconnect and work together.