Minimal engagement;
world-class output

Bhaarati is focused on persona-driven information organization, sequencing, and presentation. All our services are built around this single vision.

User Assistance Design & Development

For start-ups focused on building product and competitive presence, user assistance (UA) development quickly becomes a source of concern. Customers want help with applications; but companies have limited time and resources, and are forced to spend them on areas that will directly lead to more business.

The result? Application uptake is slow, support and training costs rise, ROI takes longer.

Bhaarati can help.

  1. We work with your teams to understand your end users, their tasks, and long-term & short-term goals.
  2. We create end-user personas that accurately reflect your end users’ realities.
  3. We design UA that speaks to your end users, helps them do better, and creates a bond of trust with them.
  4. Our End Product: Intuitive, On-Point, and Engaging UA.

Our key user assistance deliverables.